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Protest al studenţilor români din Londra

Demonstration in support of democratic principles, values and practices

This demonstration represents a reaction to the latest turmoil on the Romanian political scene. The actions of the coalition in power constitute unprecedented attacks to the rule of law and democratic principles, institutions, and values.

We are meeting in front of the Romanian Embassy in London, on Wednesday, at 5 pm, in order to express our strong disapproval and concern with regard to the on-going breaches of the constitutional order by the coalition in power.

This demonstration is not affiliated to any political party, but it is an action of the Romanian civil society through its UK based members.

We denounce:

The undermining of democratic principles and the institutions of the rule of law.

The abusive and antidemocratic conduct of the coalition in power.

Corruption and the subjugation of public institutions to political parties’ interests.

Politicians’ disdain at abiding by law.

The infringement into the supremacy of the Constitution and the separation of powers.

The attacks on the independence of justice.

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Autor: burebista99D 

Data publicarii: 04.07.2012


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Hearromania | 9 iulie 2012, 09:46

Iata si noua noastra forma de protest:


O data ce va autentificati pe site (inclusiv cu conturile de Facebook, Wordpress etc) puteti trimite e-mailuri individuale parlamentarilor europeni, avem inclusiv un text special pregatit.

Pauldunca | 7 iulie 2012, 07:07

Imi pare rau ca nu am stiut de actiunea asta...

Hearromania | 7 iulie 2012, 19:21

Paul, s-ar putea sa urmeze si altele. Poti urmari activitatile Hear Romania pe pagina noastra si pe grupul de Facebook.

Gabi2049 | 4 iulie 2012, 13:15

Bravo ! Cu cat mai multe reactii (fie si din partea unui grup mic de oameni), cu atat mai bine !

Amk1 | 4 iulie 2012, 12:25

Congratulations for what you do!
It is a shame that we are too few who see the truth about this government that wants POWER at any cost.

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